We have developed the HK method

We satisfy our clients in accordance to their specific needs. Every search is unique for us, so we have developed a flexible method that helps us to embrace a wide range of information into the more specific requirements.

Definition of candidate’s position and profile

We elaborate with the client the candidate’s profile adding our knowledge of the different markets and the most important industries.

Design of a search strategy adjusted to the client

In accordance to our experience, we define the sectors and industries that shall be analyzed.

Executive search and evaluation

We rigorously identify and qualify the more suitable executives in accordance with the company’s needs.

Final candidates Reports, Analysis and Background Verification

A complete analysis and evaluation is performed regarding to the final candidates, by presenting references and attaching the work history.

Follow up

A few months after the executive has been hired, the Consultant in charge of the process verifies with the client and the candidate that the insertion has been according to the quality agreed at the beginning.

Private Sector

HK has been involved on implementing full new structures to a wide variety of companies and economics groups in Chile, also in searching top executives worldwide and developing a strong and long term relationship with our clients.

Public Sector

We look in to work with the institutions of the Senior Management of the Government through public and transparent processes of high qualified people, with approved leadership and management to execute the policies established by the authorities.

We have participated in the search of Directors and many other public positions for the different areas of the government and public institutions, such as:

  • Jefe de Semillas SAG
  • Director Fiscal de la DGAC
  • Jefe de División Consumo Financiero
  • Jefe de Marketing de Sernatur
  • Educación Superior / Fiscal
  • Jefe de Planificación y Desarrollo
  • Coordinador/a Nacional Asistencia Técnico Pedagógico
  • Educación Superior / Coordinador General
  • Jefe Financiamiento de la Divesup
  • Consejero de Educación Privada
  • Consejero de Educación Municipal
  • Jefes Provinciales (43)
  • Director de Junaeb
  • Subdirector Administrativo Finanzas del Servicio Nacional de Aduanas
  • Jefe de Finanzas de la Tesorería General de la República
  • Fiscal
  • Superintendente
  • Jefe de División Técnica del Instituto Nacional de Hidráulica
  • Jefe Expropiación Fiscalía
  • Fiscal Nacional
  • Director de Aguas
  • Arquitecto
  • Abogados
  • Arquitecto
  • Jefe de Pasajes
  • Jefe Inmobiliario
  • Encargado Finanzas y Presupuestos
  • Director del Sence
  • Superintendente de Pensiones
  • Gerente TIC
  • Jefe de Talentos
  • Director Regional
  • Director
  • Gerente de Servicios
  • Gerente de Infraestructura y Construcción
  • Gerente de Administración
  • Gerente de Control de la Operación
  • Subgerente de Planificación y Control de Gestión
  • Alto prestigio
  •  Educación parvularia, básica y media
  •  Establecimiento particular
  • Gerente General
  • Director Región de Tarapacá
  • Gerente de Recursos Humanos
  • Gerente Regional de Aduana, Valparaíso
  • Intendente de Fondos y Seguros Previsionales de Salud